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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Verona Day 6 - our last full day ..

Sadly, our stay in Verona is nearly over.  Today, we decided, as it's our last full day, to stay local and visit one or two places we hadn't seen so far, and also wander along the now familiar streets of the town.

I apologise in advance for the large quantity of pictures, but I really want a full record of my holiday.

Started off going through the market where the stalls were being readied for the day.  This one sells fresh fruit concoctions and the smell of strawberries was always present and tantalising!

Two churches to visit today..

Our first stop, Basilica di S. Anastasia

Walking along a street, we noticed swallows diving in and up under this roof... where they were nesting.

We saw a Grey Wagtail.. but too far down for any decent pics.

We'd walked through town and across the river to visit to Theatro Romano... to find it was  closed until the end of May - looked like for repairs!

Then to San Fermo Maggiore...

Lunch in one of our favourite spots.. the Piazza Bra..

San Giovanni in Foro

And on our last night.... where for dinner?  Our favourite restaurant of course... :D


Wilma said...

Tricia - it scares me when you apologize in advance for a lot of photos! You always have more photos than any other blog I read! But I did look at and enjoy them all. Had to stop once or twice for refreshments ... ;-)

Tricia Ryder said...

Wilma - thanks for the comment and thanks for plough through the pics

Take it you know, you can click on one pic which opens them in a gallery, and then click through all the others in succession.
Glad you had refreshments to help :)

Ragged Robin said...

I've really enjoyed seeing all the lovely photos of your holiday. It looks a wonderful place to visit and so glad you both had such a good time :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks RR - difficult to know which pics NOT to publish.. but it's a holiday album so... :)

and yes, a great time was had - thank you :) Lovely town and great as a base for trips to other areas.

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