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Friday, 12 September 2014

West to Somerset and Devon

I set off on my journey to meet Pete for the weekend in Somerset & Devon.  Started off cloudy but eventually the sun came and it was very warm... great.

We met at NT Lytes Carey - lovely garden and small house.

Having enjoyed a long walk amongst field of corn (well, they probably had been) it was time for lunch.

Not a huge choice -  I had a Coronation Chicken roll... a little short on the filling and it was not a NT creation but 'bought in'

Three Robins were on the roof of the building as we sat eating.  A this (young?) House Martin had a sun bathe.  It seemed to be OK but was odd to see it sitting here.

And then for a wander around the house.

These ladies are made from leather!

 Into the tiny chapel..

So after that, off to NT Tintinhull.  A small garden but absolutely lovely....

We came back here later and just sat chatting, looking out over the water.

A swing seat.... Lovely to just sit and gaze... and we had Mr. Quacks with us... Pete thought Quacks was due a holiday too :D

Two Magnolia trees that had come into bloom - they had flowered quite correctly in Spring but put on another, albeit smaller, show..

Time for a cuppa and a fruit scone.  Not bad - a tad on the dry side but very tasty.

Just sitting and chatting in the sunshine :D

And finally, time to move on to our hotel.  OOOOPS - Road closed on the A303 due to an accident and it was to be closed for some time.

Pete had noticed a turning on the left and we took that.  A very narrow road with grass growing down the middle... a very pretty detour and finally we hit the main road and duly arrived.

A very good start to the weekend.

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