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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stourhead - revisted....

After a great weekend down in Devon/Somerset we headed eastwards to home - stopped at Stourhead for a visit en route.  Lots of grey cloud about, but nonetheless, it's a beautiful place to be.

There were no scones when we got into the cafe; but after a request the plate was replenished!

Regrettably they weren't that good ;( bit on the dry side and very heavy... I couldn't finish mine so we left some for the birds... who were noticable by their absence..

But we had a inquisitive visitor...

and then off.... one of the worst journeys on the way back... the main road I wanted was closed due to an accident earlier that morning.  So at a roundabout I headed south and finally got home after a detour.  It took me round the Salisbury route..  one I'm familiar with from when my daughter used to live down that way..

Never mind tho, still was a great weekend... thanks as ever, Pete..

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