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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dunwich Heath for Sconeathon and Birds

Up and off at crack of dawn to Dunwich Heath for the Sconeathon... blue skies and sunshine but a bit of a chilly wind.

Started with a wander through the heath.. saw two Dartford Warblers, Cettis, Stonechats, a Marsh Harrier, Linnets, Gold and Greenfinches, Blue and Great Tits.. not bad in 3/4 of an hour

Rob, the master baker

Just as were leaving, some friends of ours arrived so we returned for another cuppa and a chat - also joined by Truffles, Bella and Barty,

and the entire crew.. as above plus Uncle Pete Sheep

We stopped on the way back for another scone which we'd bought earlier.. the rest got taken back home with us

Great day out... even though we had a couple of hail storms.... and also a stop at a wine shop where Pete bought a bottle of bubbles :)


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's a pretty impressive scone selection!

BTW is it Ponders with the black tipped beak, or Quacks?

Tricia Ryder said...

Twas a pretty impressive scone occasion Simon... and yes.. Ponders has the black tipped beak.. :)

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