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Friday, 1 April 2016

Verona Day 5 - Off to Mantua

And today, on the train again for a visit to Mantova/Mantua . When we got there. it was at the start of a fun run.. so lots of people about!!

San Andrea Church.. it is beautiful

From the Palazzo Ducale

and the Duomo

The Gardens

We walked down to the lakes.. not the most inspiring I have seen and not much obvious wildlife either.

The Castello di San Giorgio

and wandering back through the town.. the Jester in Rigoletto's House

and we went up to the top of this Tower..

Inside the Rotunda..

and now up the Tower..

the Clock workings/mechanism...

The Palazzo Te... for a wander

then strolled back to the station

and out in the evening for Dinner. - but I managed to delete the pics from my card before down loading them...

and tomorrow. off to Florence!

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

More minimalism! I couldn't sleep in a room with decor like that.

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