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Friday, 1 April 2016

Verona day day 4.. Monday and off to Pescheira del Garda again

We decided to stay local today - a move from original plan,  and as we hadn't really explored Lake Garda much on the west side of the harbour (beyond the line of trees) we got on the rain again and off we went.

Mostly wildlife pics today.... but a bit cloudier.. still acceptably warm though :)

Messrs Quacks and Ponder on the train... - well it beats using energy flying!

A duck friendly sign.. advising of ducks crossing the road here.. I think Ponders is the one on the far right..

and yet more Great Crested Grebes..


Ooooh wonder if the owners of this house would like to swap for my humble abode :D .. lovely !!

Right here we go.. off for a tour of the Lake

And we saw 2 Firecrests at one point.. this is very much a record shot when when landed on the ground in front of us..

Male and Female Red-Crested Pochard

Great to see all the wildlife - mostly birds that the Lake has to offer.  And some Swifts this time pus Swallows and Crag Martins.

We had walked to the next town before coming back again.... (bit further next time) and then had
lunch at Caffe Centrale again - the boys were eyeing up the wine jug whilst Pete was looking at his camera ;)

and SALAD AGAIN!!! . what a healthy diet we're having :)

and a gentle stroll back to the station and eventually the hotel.

Showered and refreshed we headed out for dinner.

Piazza Bra...

and our chosen restaurant today...

Tomorrow?  Off out again...

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That red crested pochard is a stunning bird! Still no swallows or martins for me here.

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