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Monday, 27 August 2018

Chichester .. the Cathedral is under wraps

Today we went into Chichester.  The market was there today .. along with many many shoppers!!
I concentrated on a visit to the Cathedral and Bishop Palace Gardens.

The Cathedral is currently having very necessary repairs done to the roof.  The roof is unique and no longer watertight!  It's going to cost in the region of £6 million pounds and will take about 5 years

"Beneath the Cathedral's existing copper roof, much of the 13th century medieval timber structure survives for the entire length of the Cathedral.  This timber structure has been described as 'among the least spoiled and most important roofs in the kingdom' (Cecil A. Hewett, English Historic Carpentry, 1997), making the Cathedral's medieval roofs of exceptional and national importance."

There are 5 Sculptures, by Diane Maclean, currently on display in and round the Cathedral.

This is:
Thresholds - 3 Stainless Steel portals, or doorways.

  Inside the Cathedral..

"Resting Wing" - "Hope is the thing with feathers.  The perches in the soul" - Emily Dickinson

Circle of Light

Trinity - A trinity of three circles, gently suspended.
"We stand in life at midnight; we are always on the threshold of a new dawn."    Martin Luther King.

"Road Untravelled"
"Mostly it is loss which teaches us about the worth of things" - Arthur Schopenhauer.

It is rare to have access to the Cloisters.. so it was good, today to have the opportunity to walk in them!

and then into the Bishop Palace Gardens.

There was a bit of tree climbing!!

Sedum - with water droplets

amazing patterns with rain drops on the sedum

and beautiful droplets of rain water on Alchemilla Mollis (aka Lady's Mantle)

and "lunch" ahem.. rather nice Carrot Cake

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I like the curving trail through the cloisters!

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