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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Petworth for a potter.

Had some post holiday routine shopping today, but needed to stretch my legs as I didn't get any exercise yesterday just driving the way back. 

So around lunchtime - shopping done, I made an impromptu visit to Petworth.  It's humid and dull today and I seemed to lack energy.

The contents of the containers below .. are potatoes!

First stop was for a quick bite to eat.. a pleasant scone!  And given today is the 5th anniversary of the creation of National Trust Scones 'Blog... it seem right and fitting.

Magnolias with huge blooms..just hanging on now

I decided to nip out to Petworth Church which is next door to the Petworth House... However, there was a wedding about to start.. so will have to postpone that visit for another time

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of WW1.

and back into the gardens...  the restored layout of the beds and planting at the end of the house are now in bloom and looking good.

A wander down to the lack.. dozens of Canada Geese..

and in total about 40 Egyptian Geese,

These geese were happily feeding at the water's edge until a dog bounded up and startled them all into the water

A pleasant impromptu wander!!

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Magnolias in flower this late in the year

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