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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Nymans - in cooler temperatures

I love the sun.. it warms me and makes me cheery.. but the long continuous days of temperatures around 30 degrees I find a tad too much!!

The forecasters were correct and today a cool breeze, sunshine, clouds and temperatures around 22 degrees.. Wonderful!  I headed off for a wander around Nymans.

My buddy today is Barnaby Bear,.. although a favourite of mine and with me for many years, he's never been out before..

I'm assuming that the covers over the heather was protection from the heat of the sun!

A scone for lunch and

a further wander

Oh how good to be cool!!
And tomorrow I'm going somewhere I've never been before.. just hope it doesn't rain too much...


bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

Just catching up. Your butterflies at Pulborough Brooks are correct and the blues are Common Blues. Small Blues are quite a bit smaller.



Simon Douglas Thompson said...

So much more colour than where I am, just everything brown! The cricket grounds, the works's a drought

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