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Thursday, 7 March 2019

"my" Robin and a very short visit to Warnham LNR

There's a street in one of the nearby streets to where I live and every morning for at least a week now, "my" robin has sat at the very top of the tree or..

on this branch circled in this pic...

firstly I'm amazed I got these pics given the scudding clouds and intermittent sunshine AND the distance.. so they're mostly record shots

Every morning he sits and sings his wonderful song.. and this morning was no exception.
(mostly records shots but... he's such a friend ;) )

I had a commitment this afternoon, so after a domestic morning (oh what fun ;) ) I had a very quick visit to Warnham.. in the car park, a robin singing his heart out!!

(He couldn't have followed me, surely?.. what a lovely thought though)

A single Little Egret looked fed up in the strong winds

The moorhens didn't look that impressed either :)

The Marsh marigolds however, really sang out!

Female Reed Bunting

and a male Chaffinch

 And a few cormorants around

Cormorants have such amazing blue eyes

So that was it.. the water levels were high again, and not much happening but it was great to escpe even for an hour ...

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