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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Where did the sun go?

The weather forecast was "mainly sunny" for my patch today. And it started off as predicted. Had fairly boring things to do, like shopping for food and then I was going to Richmond Park.

By the time my chores were finished (I'll ignore them next time!) the sun had gone. Right, thought I, off to something nearer to home so went to Claremont Gardens which is a small National Trust gardens in Esher.

Today's exercise? To see if I could get better pictures using manual settings only. Outcome? "still got a lot to learn"!!

In the main I was using the wide-angle lens but ended up with the telephoto lens as the temptation to photograph birds was tooooo great!

As soon as I arrived home - yes, you've guessed it - the sun came out again. Ah well, sunny intervals tomorrow so who knows!

Spent the latter part of the day hunting for a Parakeet roost - to no avail, but will be looking again tomorrow. Large(ish) numbers flying high over my head and I tracked them as far as I could. Not easy driving on main roads and looking for Parakeets and Poplar Trees; this seems to be the roosting tree of their choice.

It's not easy driving through streets you don't know, with car windows wide open listening for squawking, and trying to spot the direction in which the birds are flying. All this as it's getting dark.

I ended up in the Ashford/Feltham area and was very glad I had my street atlas with me. Without it, you may not be reading this now!

My efforts from today at Claremont; all somewhat underexposed but still trying.

Change of lens

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Pete said...

better though. they looker sharper

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