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Monday, 28 January 2008

A Furry Visitor and shipwrecked planks!

Sunday was a quiet day but did manage to get a picture (through the double-glazed door) of one of my garden visitors. Not feathered but furry - a field mouse!

Today I went down to Sussex to visit my Mother.

A ship, the Ice Prince, had recently capsized out at sea with a cargo of wooden planks. This cargo had been washed ashore and landed in West Sussex and along the coast as far as Hastings in East Sussex.

At Ferring, where the debris comes to a halt in the west of the county, there were only a few planks scattered over the shingle at the top of the beach. The contractors are concentrating their clear-up operation on the area immediately surrounding Worthing pier; this being the most populated part of the beach and very close to the town centre. I imagine the council elders are thankful that, if it was going to happen, that it happened now rather than in the main summer tourist season! Who knows how many weeks/months it's going to take to clear such a vast area.

Other observations today. A flock of about 60 turnstones at the receding edge of the sea - flying up and creating patterns against the sky only to land in the same spot they had just left. Wonderful!

A few pics.
Near the Pier - these "heaps" are repeated all along the coastline!

At Ferring, furthermost point of debris

Whilst removing the debris is theft, no-one had forbidden imagination for building wigwams!


louise said...

loved reading through your blog, i feel like ive had a day, your photos are amazing, thank you for sharing, really enjoyed it...lou x

Jan said...

Cute mouse, I've just set up my webcam today to see if I can see my one that's nesting in the shed, what a palaver with the leads, but still.... anyone would think I've not seen him or her, it used to come to the hedgehog dish every
night (well if it's the same one of course)

Oh and I hate to be pedantic, but Hastings ain't in Kent (unless they've moved it, East Sussex!)

Tricia said...

Lou - thank you for your kind comments. Glad you enjoyed your "day out" :)

Jan - will edit post. Thank you - bit of mental aberration there - and no, I don't think it's moved since the last time I was there LOL.

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