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Monday, 26 May 2008

Have I missed summer? Part 2

I couldn't stand being a self-restrained prisoner by the weather any longer, so I donned waterproof jacket, trousers and shoes and went for a walk around the block. Once out, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared; it was just "soft rain".

What was so weird though, was the lack of people or cars in the three-quarters of an hour that I was out. I was passed by a mum and son, who were having a jog and one car came down the road. It was as though everyone had left Mother Earth and forgotten to tell me. Probably just as well as I was humming a song to myself - or, I then realised, not quite to myself. So it was probably that that had kept everyone else away. LOL

Felt so much better when I got home, had a shower and a cuppa, and rejoined the human race.

I'd taken my compact camera in my pocket (Canon PowerShot A80). So just a taste of the trees in my "block".


Island Rambles Blog said...

Love the photos...luch and wonderful...cheers.

The Bird Woman said...

What's the orange shrub, Tricia? It looks amazing - and massive!

Tricia said...

Emma - it's a deciduous Azalea and they can be highly scented. Mostly, around where I live, the soil's acidic so rhododendrons, azaleas etc. do very well.

The can grow quite large - I would guestimate that this one is about 8' across.

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