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Saturday, 10 May 2008

What a difference the sun makes

After the last few days the colour everywhere is now really showing with everything bursting into flower.

As I record for the BTO Garden Watch, I can also include other wildlife than birds, and frogs etc. is one of the inclusions. As a result, I often creep around the garden pond with a torch, just after it gets dark. The neighbours (as far as I know) haven't yet sent for the men in white coats, but you can never be too sure.....

Around the garden pond last night were 5 frogs and, I'm thrilled to report, my first toad.

Today I went with my daughter and Boo (the collie) to Richmond Park whilst my Grandson was kayaking with a local group nearby.

Hawthorn had burst into bloom and a pair of swans were proudly swimming around with their six new young ones.

A large herd of fallow deer were grouped under the trees seeking the shade.

It was a bright day but high cloud persisted with the sun occasionally bursting through. Not the best conditions for pictures but....

At this point, the fallow deer ran out of space under
the first tree and, in single file, moved over to another

A common frog is grateful for the shade of the
Marsh Marigold's leaves as it comes up for a breather
during the day

My first clematis flowers.

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