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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Spring is here..... but the northerly wind needs to be told that!

I've been down in Sussex for a couple of days in the bitterly cold Northerly wind. Had a walk along the beach on Saturday morning and saw dozens of Sanderlings, Dunlin and a single Plover on the waterline as the tide was just starting to go out - lovely. No pics as the light was dreadful and they flew off every time I approached!

After I got home early this morning I headed off for Bushy Park. I dipped on the Lesser Spotted Woodies that I'd hope to see but did see a Little Grebe which is a first for this location!

The sun was coming in and out and when out, the warmth was lovely!

Ring-necked Parakeets are very evident and obviously in pairs now.

"Hello" - "Will you be my Valentine?"

"Well, I'll have to think about that!"

"Oh please......?"

"Well, I do rather like you"

(no further narrative necessary ;) )

"OK, friends then :D "

The Egyptian Geese as usual were the first to produce any goslings that I have seen this year. But they were very new and wanting to hide under Mum.

Later on, they got a bit braver and headed towards the water.

"Hmmmm, it does look rather wet!"

Walking through the Woodland Gardens, a Jay perched high up in a tree..

A Canada Goose was "double the trouble" as it dozed.

And I came across a flock of siskins; the sound was wonderful as they dashed through the trees and bushes - there must have been about 40 of them... these two stayed still for a few seconds only so I was lucky to get the shot!

Along the pathway and up a tree, a Grey Squirrel had found something tasty.

At a divide in the pathway, fungi (Shelf Fungus I think?) adorned the dead tree trunk.

And on the way to the Visitor Centre and Cafe, magnolia flowers were in bud - lovely :D

And pink blossom decorated the day!

By now it was lunchtime and I stopped for Leek and Potato Soup with crusty bread and a rather wicked slice of Chocolate Fudge Cake! Oooops...


holdingmoments said...

Wow, that blossom is a real treat Tricia. Spring has sprung!

Those Egyptian Geese goslings seem very early. Hope they all survive.

Pete said...

great blog. love squidgy

Anonymous said...

A cracking set of photo's Tricia.
You did well with those Siskins. Oooh boy are those Goslings cute!!
Also like the buds, and fungi.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the parakeets. The goslings are just too, too cute. Lunch sounds divine!

Wilma said...

The size of the webbed feet on the gooslings is something to behold! Makes you wonder how those little balls of feathers manage to get around.

Roy said...

Love the little Goslings Tricia.

Midmarsh John said...

Great to see we have reached the start of the Aww season Tricia.
Love the Parakeet and Egyptian Geese series.

Tricia said...

Keith... I love the spring colours in all wildlife and growing things!

Pete.. thanks. Squidgy did rather perform

Paul.. thanks... I was so lucky with those two who posed!

OC - The Parakeets can always be relied on for entertainment :D And lunch WAS devine... so when you come over ;)

Roy - they are rather appealing

John...very well put ... the Aww season is definitely here :D

Wilma - the feet seem disproportionate to the body don't they!

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