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Monday, 10 March 2014

Strolling, birds in the hand... and a gorgeous summer-like day

As I mentioned yesterday, on Sunday, we were off to see La Fille du Regiment (full comments on that here).

Give the forecast was for excellent weather, we headed off early for Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

It was fantastically warm - blue skies and loads of sunshine!!

Saw at least 3 Great Crested Grebes.. later on we felt that there was a pair plus 1

Round where we feed the birds... as soon as we arrived the Great & Blue Tits starting gathering in the trees.

A Coal Tit... that fed from our hands... WOW WOW
and one to add to the 'fed from my hand' list :D

Initially 1 Jay, but finally 3...

I'm sure this is a young Ring-necked Parakeet in that a) it was smaller, b) it had a much shorter tail and c) no neck marking which is appropriate for, not only females but, youngsters..

Not sure if Pete was sending a text to the birds to arrive on his hand for feeding ;)

We went to seek the Tawny.. there he was sleeping in his usual place..  picture shot straight into the sun.. far from ideal!

Back via the feeding station - the jays were still about..

as was the young Parakeet..  we'd realised that it was too nervous to come to the hand, so...

......hands went to the Parakeet!

we moved on... around the park amongst the daffodils and

water fowl....

We finally left the Parks and headed off for a gentle stroll towards food and Royal Opera House..

Walked through Horse Guards..

From here, Pete guided us towards Delaunay Counter for some lunch... for our second visit...

We sat down... I then discovered with horror, that my purse had gone from my camera bag.  I knew my bag had always been shut and the pocket firmly zipped up... seems I was the victim of pick-pockets.

So the first thing on arriving for lunch was to ring and cancel all my cards.  Pete ordered lunch for us and provided some very much needed sympathy and help..  you were great Pete - and more...

and after lunch we strolled off to Covent Garden to sit in the sun until time to head into the Royal Opera House for La Fille du Regiment...

and later that evening, my daughter (as listed as a contact on information I had in the stolen purse) received a phone call to advise my purse and cards had been handed in to him (the caller) at Horse Guards ( along with other items) and this very kind gentleman was posting it to her on my behalf....

That really restores faith in human nature..

So a happy outcome to an otherwise glorious day !!

1 comment:

Roy Norris said...

Lots of brilliant images Tricia.
I reckon Pete frightened the birds away.{:))

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