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Friday, 6 February 2015

Thursday lunchtime at LSO St Lukes with a Cellist and Pianist

It was snowing and blowing a gale when I set off for the station yesterday on Thursday - getting the train to London to meet Pete for a wander and a concert at LSO St Lukes

We met in Pret where I really needed a coffee before setting off to walk the rest of the way  It was FREEZING and dribbles of rain so the camera stayed in its bag.

We stopped for lunch in a nearby Pret - as you might gather... we rather like Pret :D

Today it was Natalie Clein - cello, and Sergio Tiempo - piano.

Now I've never really thought much about the Cello as a solo instrument - and probably quite remiss in this.  And as the morning progressed I was blown away with the sheer pleasure of hearing two such very talented musicians and a cello which sang when played by Natalie Clein.

Natalie Clien opened the concert with S Back Suite No 3 in C major for Solo Cello BMV 1009.  Not often have I seen an artist play with such emotion, dedication and utter absorption in the music and her instrument.  Fantastic.

The turn then of Sergio Tiempo play Chopin 6 preludes from Op 20 - very varied piece of music which I liked quite well - and another amazing performance.

Before the final piece, Natalie spoke to the audience - giving us a brief explanation of how the 3 pieces today, were linked - which I though was great.  I just wish more artists would follow her example.  A charming young lady.

And finally Natalie and Sergio came together for Shostakovich Sonata for Cello and Piano in D minor Op 40.

I had reservations about the Shostakovich - not being a huge fan generally, but I have to admit I did enjoy it.  It was a very intense piece and beautifully executed.  I'm no musical buff in an interpretation of the word... but I just know I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning of music.

The Shosta is a work I'd not listen to at home but liked live!! Very intense performance and I enjoyed it.

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