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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Sheffield Park Gardens Water Lily Festival

Sheffield Park Gardens has an amazing annual display of Water Lilies.. probably some of the best I've seen.  This year, they have introduced a Water Lily Festival which comprises various events..

A display of giant Water Lilies..



One of the innovations is a floating pontoon going out into the pond and water lilies.  I'm not sure about this... It's well constructed so feels very safe.  I didn't feel I got any closer to the water lilies and, if I'm totally honest, I would have preferred the view of the lake and lilies without interruption ,
However, this is such a personal view and there were those who loved it.

My goodness it's a struggle getting out of the water on a hot day!!

Egyptian Geese and Goslings

The 'real' thing

Mrs Mallard decided that dogs didn't need to drink and the bowl of water was far better served being a duck bath.. she bathed and preened for at least 20 minutes

and to end.. an enjoyable lunch of a fruity scone

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Lots of beautiful things to see there

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