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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Michelham Priory - Spring is on the way

Headed  east today - visiting a friend - and we headed off for Michelham Priory which has just opened for the 2019 season. 

Crocuses, snowdrops and the beginnings of daffodils.  A Green Woodpecker was calling for about 15 minutes.. just great to hear.. as was our background music of singing birds.

It was overcast as we arrived but gradually the clouds cleared a bit and, by the time we left, the clouds had parted allowing the sunshine in.

Michelham is surrounded by a moat.. the water level was high after all the rain we've had.

Heavily pollarded tree.. I wonder what it is..

These are sunflowers.. but, for me, the rusty look doesn't work for sunflowers which should be colourful :)

I'd love to know what this is.. I've seen this flower before growing by water on a bank at, I believe, Sheffield Park Gardens

We stopped for lunch.. I had a scone... (could have been somewhat moister) and my friend had soup.. which was excellent!

By now there was some sunshine.

then a wander through the car park to the Mill and beyond

 Lovely day out ... thank you K... was a good day!

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