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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sunday comes

OK - I'd planned that we'd go down to the West Sussex coast for the day. BUT - when I awoke on Sunday morning - it was snowing.

Probably as a direct consequence of the weather, the garden birds were very evident. The morning count resulted in:
3 Blue Tits
2 Great Tits
1 Robin
7 Greenfinches
2 Chaffinches
12 Starlings (the numbers are increasing)
2 Blackbirds (back again - great stuff!)
12 Ring-necked Parakeets
1 Grey Heron - flying over the garden
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker
14 Goldfinches
At one time, 40 birds (various species), were around or on the feeders.

The snow shower didn't last for too long and the snow that had fallen was just a "sugar coating" and no more - unlike other parts of the country. This was followed by heavy rain - oh joy!! Having kept the day free to go out, the weather hardly encouraged this thought! So - various games were played and a pleasant morning was spent being somewhat lazy.

However - as the morning wore on, the weather improved dramatically and, after an early lunch, I - grabbed the car keys and off we went - south in sun and blue sky - to the sea!

Down on the beach, the tide was far out and, apart from the usual miscellany of gulls, nothing noteworthy of the birding fraternity that excited the interest. We walked along the sea front towards the pier. It now being about 14.30 the sun was just beginning to sink and this created some wonderful light reflections on the wet sand where the sea had so recently receded.
Walking eastwards towards the Pier

Looking westwards..

The pier beckoned, so we relinquished ourselves to its call and enjoyed a relatively people-free stroll along to the far end. Its always interesting to be able to look back at the shore, so recently vacated!
Looking to the east of the pier, from its end.

A fishing boat on the shore en route to our next stop

So where now - off to a favourite cafe - which was shut - oh rats! Disappointment abounded.

By now the sun was beginning to sink....

so - OK - then, a bit of quick-thinking on the hoof and, having been reunited with the car, we headed off west along the sea front for Ferring - where there's Sea Lane Cafe - which hardly ever seems to close!

As we consumed milk shakes (him) and coffee (me) and flapjack (both of us!) the sun was very low in the sky and lighting the beach with it's wonderful warm glow. I love the setting sun at this time of the year.

We popped in to see Mum on our way back home. Once home, we had an evening meal, watched a DVD (I shan't say which) and my visitor headed off for bed.

A really good day, a great weekend and excellent company - thank you J :)


Janine said...

Great skies Tricia!

Tricia said...

Thanks Janine.

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