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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

NT Uppark..

I met a good friend of mine today.... so we decided to meet at Uppark.  It's one of the smaller NT properties and the house is still a home so there was limited access.   And no photography was permitted in the house so lack of indoor shots.

I arrived in thick fog and managed to see my way up a very narrow entrance lane in the woods - like the middle of the night!

(Edit:  Pete mentioned that I hadn't made any reference to food!!)
Whilst we waited for the fog to clear, we were forced to have a cuppa and a piece of Apple Cake - very nice)

However, eventually, the fog rolled away, the sun came out and it was really warm!!

We stopped for some lunch.... just a sandwich today...... :)

Lots of flutters till on the buddlia... Commas, Red Admirals, Peacocks and elsewhere speckled wood!!

A pleasant day out in the September sunshine!  Thanks for your company IHD.. :)


Pete said...

not Trish there is a fundamental flaw in the blog...... no mention of FOOD!!

curiously last time I was there it was quite a bit open

Roy Norris said...

I am glad you are seeing some Red Admirals Tricia, I haven't seen any.

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