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Friday, 13 September 2013

Sadly - homeward bound ... but via Pisa

Ok - I suppose it finally had to happen... we have to go back home and leave the Italian and Tuscan sunshine, culture and way of life... which I so love!!

Our flight wasn't until the afternoon, so we arrived to dump our luggage into the luggage storage before heading out again.  Just over a year ago we had flown to Pisa (for Florence) and on the last day in Pisa had visited the Leaning Tower, Bapistry and Duomo... so a return trip in the short time we had.

Oh - just look at the colour of that sky!!

Inside the Duomo (which had free entry)... we decided not to visit the Baptistry on this occasion.

and then, no choice, but to catch the bus back to the airport

Another great holiday.... didn't want it to end as usual... and excellent company.... thanks again Pete.... here's to the next one.....or two or.... ;)   )

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