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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Off to Tuscany skies - to Lucca

Early morning flight so up and out to the airport.  Straghtforward flight to Pisa and then again, straighforwardly to Lucca by train....

We walked from the station to the hotel via the town - and at this point it was clear that Lucca was going to be a destination for an enjoyable visit.

Dumped bags etc at the hotel and then for a wander around the town for the afternoon.  Unfortunately the weather, unusually, was a bit wetter than the UK but this didn't prevent a few pics being taken.

There are Puccini concerts in Lucca every night at the moment but, whilst we were hoping to see as many as possible during out stay, we decided to wait until the next day for our first taste....

One of the many food shops - we passed this one most days... a fruit loaf type bread in the shape of a crocodile!

Food shops everywhere.. which was great :D

Giocomo Puccini

Bikes seemed the main mode of transport given the narrow streets.. most of which were pedestrianised..

Street musicians - of which there were several... so more to come on following posts

A permanent market!

We asked the hotel for recommendations for eating - the Ristorante Giglio being one of them... it was a very good meal when we returned there later in the evening..

San Michele in Foro church

There were several of these sculpture around the town, and also on the city wall (more of that on another post!)

This is an ice cream parlour where you made up your own... the seats were swings attached to the ceiling...

Several places where you could hire bikes..

One of the many typical streets of Italy..


oldcrow61 said...

I'm feeling a wee bit jealous, lol. What a lovely place.

Ragged Robin said...

Looks a beautiful place :) Like the idea of the icecream parlour where you make up your own and swing-like seats are great :)

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