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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Alison Balsom and the London Concert Orchestra

Quick nip into Rye Meads

 and then off this afternoon to Saffron Hall for a concert.  This is one of my favourite concert venues for several different reasons.  Apart from the obvious attributes of the acoustics etc, the seating is very comfortable and the Hall has a great atmosphere.

Today it was a treat... The London Concert Orchestra started proceedings with Concerto Grosso Op.6, No.8 in G Minor by Arcagelo Corelli.  This was followed by Alison Balsom taking centre stage with Tartini's Trumpet Concerto in D major D.53 - a piece originally composed for the Violin but expertly performed by Alison

This in turn followed by J.S.Bach's Orchestral Suite No.3 in D major.. which, of course, includes the Air - popularly know as Air on a G String... beautifully played.... emotional stuff.

After the interval, followed

Geminiani Concerto Grosso No. 12 in D Minor
Albinoni's Oboe Concerto in B flat Major, Op.7 No 3 and arranged for Trumpet
Vivaldi's Concerto for Three Violins in F major, arr. for Trumpets - which was superb and Alison advised us that this was arranged for this concert by a friend .   the fee was a case of wine..

finally, Handel's Oveture to The Occasional Oratorio

Alison is an amazing solo performer and equally as part of the orchestra... always so generous in praise of her fellow trumpeters (Ross Brown and Adam Wright) and her good relationship with the orchestra was obvious.

A wonderful afternoon..... would love this combination of artists to be repeated - thank you to all who entertained us so beautifully

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