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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Chartwell NT - Home of Churchill - in the morning mist

Couldn't decide where to go today... it was misty when I woke but forecast was for it clearing.  I headed off to Chartwell.. home of Winston Churchill.. I really like it there.. there's a sense of calm, beauty and order..

As I walked through the outside area of the cafe on the way tot the entrance.. lovely to see a Grey Wagtail looking for crumbs under the cafe tables!!

This is a member of staff.. he is a rescue dog from Spain.. and quite elderly.. I didn't catch his name though.. so any National Trust member of Chartwell who can advise..??

Mr Ponders was out with Henrietta today. .. she got bored hibernating!!

Oooh I have friends who live near there...  Mr. Quacks and his family..

some large fish

The scent of spring flowering shrubs... Daphne in particular..

and a great scone for lunch!!!

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Beautiful grey wagtail, not seen many round here the last couple of years though

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