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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Nymans House & Gardens.. before the rain

I'm trying to get a walk every day where other commitments permit.. I need the exercise. as does my weight ;)

Today I went to Nymans Gardens  The forecast wasn't good.. dull to start and rain later - possibly heavy.

Lots of Snowdrops out and Hellebores now in bloom

The Herbaceous  borders ready for planting.. they'll be a riot of colour in summer

Lichen on the tree..

The fountain wasn't working today

A bank of crocuses..

Loads of cheery cyclamen

Various Daphne around the garden - the scent was glorious

And today, the bears had a turn going out.... admiring the view of the croquet lawn from the Wisteria ..

The heather gave a glow to a very grey sky

Looking out into the misty horizon..

And below the sign (above) was a pair of planted wellies... :)

Tailor-made for little bears.. Billie and Frank approved

Signs of growth in the Rose Garden

There's a project currently active at Nymans - John Newling's "A language from the Garden" which is on now and until 31 May 2017.

It's an alphabet 'trail' of 26 marble slabs.  Each letter is depicted by a unique alphabet of leaves. These he had collected during the summer of  2016  - and represents the biodiversity of Nymans garden.

Some are easier to see than others..depending on the marking of the marble... this is one of the clearest..

and eventually hunger drove me into the cafe - not that I needed much driving .....  As I'm being good and trying to keep eating scones only at the weekend.. today I had a sandwich and a coffee...

Billie and Frank's first encounter with such a drink :)

I was going elsewhere later in the afternoon but heavy rain stopped play...

Good to get out for a breath of fresh air though...

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