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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Funny old day.. not what I'd planned...

The rain was set to clear as they day went on... I had an appointment.... my doctor was stuck in traffice so I had to re-arrange for later in the day.... so.. plan B

Decided I'd have a lookee at Warnham... very quiet around the feeders.  Out on the water is was mostly Gulls and Canada Geese and a few Cormorants.

I headed off to the Kingfisher Hide.... bad decision... it was full of very chatty noisy people.... hey ho.

So home I came as no time now to go further afield..

  The locals..

And looking upwards in the trees trying to find the Goldfinches I espied.....

a Moorhen!! I didn't know Moorhens populated trees!!

1 comment:

Roy Norris said...

Its good to have a Plan B. Tricia.
Yes I have seen Moorhens in trees before, but they don't go to high and its always close to the waters edge normally.

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