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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hyde Park, Great Crested Grebes and Cormorants..

We were off to a Sunday concert as usual... so we started in Hyde Park in the sunshine... and a rather chill wind... but the sun was glorious and the birds were entertaining...

Several Great Crested Grebes - at least 5 and probably more...

At one time, 15 Cormorants seen in the same location..

I'd taken some sunflower hearts with me.... Pete and I took turns to feed the birds.. mostly Great and Blue Tits but Pete managed to have a Robin visit him...

Lucky enough to get this Nuthatch shot... he was in hiding most of the time

The concer was the Arcadia Quartet playing Haydn's String Quartet i D Op. 76 No. 5 and Janachek's String Quartet No. 2 'Intimate Letters'.

The Haydn was very pleasant but no overly exciting... the Janachek didn't do much for me...  We've heard this before by another quartet when it was enjoyed more.

A very enjoyable morning in all, nonetheless!

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