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Friday, 13 June 2014

A full moon for Friday 13 - but a funny old day....

Funny old day.

Last night there was an amazing moon known as the Honey Moon - more info about it here

Managed a picture with some difficulty....  I thought the colour was wrong at the time of taking the picture but I now know it wasn't...

Today I headed off for Warnham which was very quiet - Got camera out and - no SD card - so glad I had a spare camera with me!!

Not far from the Great Crested Grebes' nest (but a very long distance from my camera!) was a rather large Terrapin.. hope the chicks are going to be ok.

As I stood looking for dragon flies, a family of three Green Woodpeckers flew past me as speed.  One landed on a post but before I could get the camera on to it... it decided to leave... a record shot of a departing woodie!!

Home for some lunch.  I then decided to have a visit to Pulborough... but very quiet and the heat was very unpleasant so I called it a day and came home.

Funny old day really..... well, tis Friday 13th!!

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