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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Hinton Ampner - revisted

My very good friend IHD was on way home from the west... so we decided to meet at Hinton Ampner.  The first time I visited here was in 2012  with Pete so it was nice to revisit.

We met midmorning but it was cloudy and dull and quite cool.  As we walked the sun came out and it got hotter and hotter... great stuff..


A visit to the small church, which is not part of the National Trust property but has associations with it!

At one time we saw 7 large tortoiseshells - lovely :D

Large tortoiseshell which decided my friend's arm was a good perch.. also the same colour as the flower it had just left!

Last visit there was a wedding taking place... and this was populated with the bridal party!

Not sure which damsel this is?  A female perhaps?

Pity the broad-bodied chaser decided to land here... it's wings don't really stand out!

After some lunch we visited the house.  Only the ground floor is open as the storms of 14 February 2014 ripped the roof off and planning permission is being awaited to restore the roof at a cost of circa 1/2 million pounds!!

and finally homeward bound.  A great day out and so pleased the sun shone!!  Thanks for your company IDH...


Frank said...

Hi Tricia. Thanks for a tour of the grounds and house at Hinton Ampner.

A few of my maternal ancestors were baptised and married in the little church. My Grandmother also worked in the house as a very young girl.

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks for you recent comments on my blog Frank and it's good to have you back on 'blog-o-sphere' again!!

I assume then that it must have been the previous house that your Grandmother worked in as I think the current one would be too recent? I may be wrong with dates of courfse.

Frank said...

The original house was built in 1790, then remodelled in 1867 and again between 1936-39. She would have been there sometime between 1905 and 1915 when her family lived in Bramdean.

Tricia Ryder said...

ah.. I was thinking of the fire that started in the library in 1960 and then restored.

More recently the roof was ripped off in on 14 Feb this year in the gales. They are awaiting planning permission to restore roof. Apparently the copper lining tiles are imperial measurements and standard now is metric. This, apparently consitutes a 'change' as far as the planning permitters' are concerned..!! so NT can't proceed to restore roof without planning permission!!
pretty daft!!

bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

It's me again...Catching up with your trips out.
The Large Tortoishell looks more like a Red Admiral, Large Tortoishells are not native to GB but there are occasional reports of these appearing. The butterflies on the flowers look like Small Tortoishells.

Enjoyed your walk around Hinton Aptner. Lovely pictures.



Pete Duxon said...

Maurice is correct. a Red Admiral

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