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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Wandering around London and the Pearl Fishers

Today we were off to see Bizet's The Pearl Fishers at the London Coliseum..  Apart from the well-known duet, it's not an opera I'm familiar with.

Firstly, the seats at the Coliseum are not that comfortable being very short from front to back, so it certainly helps to be absorbed in what you are watching.

However, today this was not to be.  Act 1 was OK but the duet was a little under-whelming.  We then had a short interval and on our return our neighbours were not there!

Acts 2 and 3, certainly livened up with some rather dramatic scenes.  The 'creating' of the sea was very clever as was the tempest out at sea.  Pearl Divers descended into the depths from above the stage and very realistically swam down to the bottom of the ocean.

The part of Leila was played by Sophie Bevan and her voice was beautiful.  However, I didn't feel that the male leads voices really filled the parts, for me anyway....

But before the Opera we strolled along the Thames.... a walk we've done several times before but there's always something different to see... .. and apologies to regular visitors if some of the views are somewhat familiar.

Pete looking for a book? never :D

And Yes, Pete passes the height test!

Using a film camera  :)

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