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Friday, 27 November 2015

Grey grey day.. but some colour at NT Nymans Gardens

What ?? Not another grey day ??   Yup!!... Needed fresh air and exercise so I headed off to Nymans for a walk.

I bumped into someone I know and we had a long chat... it was good to see you :) ..

In the Plant Shop these (albeit artificial) sunflowers made a cheery display..

Not much more I can say....  let the pictures bring some colour..

This is the beginning of the Christmas displays... I believe that are not finished yet...

So time for some lunch... the usual high standard fruit scone!!

and of course Mr Ponders approved... well, it is a Nymans Scone!!

We had a further wander. but Mr Ponders thought sitting here was a tad nicer than being in the rain!!

and hiding in a tree.... didn't really keep him dry..

In the bookshop, a log fire was burning.

And that was that... home via the shops..... and tomorrow?... Could we have some sun please? or at least some better light.....


Wilma said...

The wet makes for some nice glistening surface, but I hope you see the sun soon!

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Wilma... To have some sunshine would be great :) .....

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