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Monday, 23 November 2015

Superstore visit - dipped again!! Widewater Lagoon - Birding = yes!

I made a second attempt to get over to the superstore this morning.  Well, I thought, it's Monday so shouldn't have the car parking problem I had on Friday... WRONG!!

The sun was shining, although twas very cold, as I left home.. there were three Starlings up on my roof...

As I drove it was clouding over a bit so I decided to stop at Widewater before I lost the light altogether, and shop after that.

Parked the car.. didn't seem much about at that point.  A fellow birder advised that there were teals further up and also a couple of Redshanks.  Two Goosanders had been seen yesterday it looks promising that they're back this winter again.

He was right about the Redshanks... saw the two of them

There were also about 12 Little Grebes... rough count as they kept diving

I came across a lone Turnstone..

a Pied Wagtail

and a Little Egret

Quite a few Teal about but a bit far away for my camera/lens

I got back to my car to find I had a passenger..

and this was one of its two youngsters

Not far away were two Cormorants..

and the flotilla approaching me was six of the family of nine mute swans consisting of Mum and Dad and 7 cygnets.

There are several 'odd' Mallards that seem resident on the Lagoon... this being one of them

And off to the superstore... After 5 mins trying to park and trying to avoid other cars trying to park I finally escaped from the car park.  Home for a bite and finally got the shopping!!

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