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Friday, 13 November 2015

Petworth - last of the Autumn colour?

I'd planned to go out this morning - the rain changed all that!!  So off to the supermarket - I did buy a new (for me) wine recommended by a friend... I will imbibe over the weekend.  The home for a bite to eat....  With that the rain moved away and surprisingly the sun came out.

Given the forecast for the weekend... I'm not looking!! - I trotted off for some fresh air at Petworth.

No scone today; the restaurant is having a refurb throughout the month of November but the cafe/coffee shop is open and the outside kiosk.  However, this means no scone baking!!

It was much colder so had my winter coat on.... the wind was strong and gusty and most of the leaves are now off the trees and decorating the ground underneath.

The colours are still amazing..

Quite a large flock of Long-Tailed Tits were flying about - must have been about 15.. needless to say they didn't stay still.. managed a grabbed (and record) shot of one of them.

The visitor kiosk by the house is not there for the time being... the house is now closed for winter for one or two exception (see here.... )

Mr Ponder - he enjoys kicking up leaves ... :)

and in the distance - a rainbow!!

Lovely to see the sun... helps to raise the spirits a bit ....

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