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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Magical Painshill Park and reunion with an old friend...

Had an early appointment today and spur of the moment decision as I left, decided I wanted to go back to Painshill Park... the sun was shining and the sky was blue and often some good birds at Painshill.. as there were today.  Some of my best Great Crested Grebe shots have been taken at Painshill.

A brief description of Painshill from the website: ..

In 1981, Painshill Park Trust, a registered charity was formed to restore the 18th century landscape garden which was originally created by the Honourable Charles Hamilton between 1738 and 1773.Painshill was granted Grade I listing and in 1998 the rare Europa Nostra Medal was awarded to Painshill for its exemplary restoration.Over 80,000 visitors a year now visit Painshill. His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, Royal Patron of Painshill Park Trust also visits Painshill to view the on-going restoration of the 18th century landscape and its iconic follies.Painshill Park Trust is supported by volunteers and in 2011 this dedicated team received The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.
It must be about 4 years since I was there. In reception I asked after Tim... someone who had become a good friend on my frequent visits when I was living nearer. Long story short - the message reached Tim who found me crossing a bridge... was soooo good to meet up again.. next time Tim .. not so long :) ..
Crossing the bridge into Painshill, the recent effects of the rain were obvious.. with a very swollen and full river.

Crossed over the bridge and headed for the visitor centre...

You can't really see the 'wire' deer in the picture above....

and then a wander around the lake..

Lots of daffodils in flower... soooo early ..

Quite a few Egyptian Geese about..

The Historic Vineyard - restored in 1992-93
Two and a half acres were replanted with the Pinot Noir cultivar planted by Hon. Charles Hamilton in the 18th century, plus Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc hybrids – to reproduce Hamilton’s Painshill Sparkling Wine.

Probably about 30 Gadwall although difficult to tell as you can't see all of the lake at one time.. it;s a beautiful lake!

About 5 Mute Swans... three of which flew off.... there are usually a considerable number here..

A folly!...

Territorial Egypian Geese

Two Great Crested Grebes.. I did see one of them with weed in the beak... but a Coot became aggressive and chased them off!!

And And And..... Gooseanders!!!!  I've seen them a Painshill before and so decided to take the zoom lens.. so pleased I did.  A total of 11 - 4 females and 7 males... there may have been more but that's as many as I saw in one place.

 The Gothic Temple..

This has been built in the time since I was last there..

 Whilst I stood talking with Tim - it seems a Red Kite flew over us (as we were told).... which we both missed!!


Normally you walk a few feet down to the river.  Today the river had come to us!!

A bite to eat and a final wander.. this time..

and finally Mr Ponders found a perch... on his very first visit..

The boathouse is an addition since my last visit..

You used to be able to walk down to the back of the folly... today it was all fenced off..

and finally.... leaving for home.

And I shall definitely be back... only scratched the surface of Painshill.. so much more of it to revisit.

I will be back.... and Tim, please note.... in less than 4 years this time :)


Wilma said...

That is quite a place, Tricia! Glad you took us there. :-)

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Wilma.. there's even more to explore there...

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