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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

WWT Arundel... with sunshine for 20 mins!

I headed off for Polesden Lacey this morning.  I'd awoken to fog but forecast said it would clear.  It did... but the further north I got the more it reappeared and thicker it got.  Blow this for a game of soldiers, I thought, so Plan B, and went off to WWT Arundel...

The mist cleared and the sun came out...

Collection birds..

Around by the feeders, all the usual culprits and then a Nuthatch dropped by..

The lichen looking very pretty along the board walk..

I took this pic of the Cormorant and Lapwing against the sun; I was going to deleted it but thought it wasn't that bad after all... you, dear reader, may of course have a different view!!

Had a bowl of soup before leaving, and watched this Grey Wagtail.  Pics taken through a window so not the best

and while eating, I also saw 3 male Bullfinches on the far side.. great stuff :D

and around the reserve in the sun.... which only last about 20-30 minutes.. but it was great to have it..

and drove home with grey skies.. but hey... not too bad a trip out.. and the other highlight was seeing 2 Goldcrests.. nice !!..

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