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Monday, 17 October 2016

Lucca - first day of hols

(Sat 8 Oct 2016)

Up a silly o'clock to get a flight from Stansted to Pisa and from there on by bus and train to Lucca.  A favourite town.. just love it here - another town like coming home..

On this occasion, I'd left the laptop at home and was using a Tablet and my phone to store pics - and the phone to post a few pics on Social Media sites.. so no editing software while I was away.  I didn't miss the laptop too much - although easier to use, ... but loved not having the carry about the weight!

We'd been before so knew the walk from the station to the hotel well and it's an attractive walk... you go through the town walls into the town and then ...

Having checked in and dumped our luggage it was out for some lunch and a wander around the town.

Mr Quacks, Cuthbert, Fido and Mr Ponders all posed..with Giacomo Puccini

The Church of San Michele in Foro

The site  of the Roman Amphitheatre  - now known s the Piazza Antifeatro.. where we stopped for a coffee

The Torre Guinigi - we'd been to the top on a previous visit and were to again on another day this visit

This shop seemed to stock products with the brand name of 'duck'..

and this shop window duck bears the message "Save the Duck" as did several others..

So a lovely wander to start the hols and good to revisit familiar scenes..

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

They knew how to do ornate didn't they!

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