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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Chichester with my daughter for a wander

Met my daughter today - gorgeous weather.  We started off by visiting the RSPB at Chichester Cathedral to check on the Peregrine Falcons.  All 4 chics have now fledged and two of them were sitting out on the side of the cathedral spire...  Could just see them with the naked eye, but the RSPB scopes gave a great view..

The 'blob' on the shelf is one of the youngsters.. only had a compact camera with me.

 Great views of the cathedral spire against the blue skies..

We visited some shops and had lunch in the Cathedral Gardends before going for a wander through the Bishop's Palace Gardens.. which were looking lovely with all the summer roses and flowers!

Frank enjoyed the tranquillity of the gardens.

and finally, before catching our separate trains home, we indulged in afternoon tea - the cake had lots of fruit in it.. so that's very healthy then :D .

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

peregrines often visit our church for a stopover, but they never breed. Pity.

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