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Friday, 30 June 2017

Petworth House and Park - National Cream Tea Day

Well, despite the dullness of the day (it brightened up nicely later) I headed off for a walk at Petworth.

It was nearly lunchtime so I headed off to the house for a bit to eat

This used to be the diary and was then converted to house the fire engine!!

Ponders and Fido ready for action!!

and the, in celebration of National Cream Tea Day (which Petworth cafe seemed unaware of) an excellent scone with all the 'bits'.  Back to normality in terms of having spread instead of jam and cream from tomorrow onwards.  But it was excellent.

Then off for a wander..

Small Heath butterfly

Down on the lake, dozens of Greyland and Canada Geese

And a few Mallards.. now going into eclipse..

and a Ponders & Fido enjoying the peace and quiet..

I sat on a seat here for a while; reading and just enjoying the stillness and warmth..

The Geese all came over to 'my' side of the lake

then a slow wander back..

Lovely to be back again....

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