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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Nymans Gardens.. with a hint of Autumn colour to come..

Haven't been for a walk for a while.. boring stuff prevented me.  But today I got to Nymans Gardens.

It started off very misty today so it was later than usual when I got there.  Gradually the mist went and bright light followed.. even saw the sun for a bit.

Bit glary today which meant taking pictures more challenging.

It was late morning as I arrived and I was hungry.. so had a cuppa and a very tasty fruit Scone for 'lunch'

and I had this young Dunnock (I think?) for company with my scone.

And then off for a wander..

One area of Michaelmas Daisies was very attractive to Butterflies - Two Commas, Two Red Admirals and a Peacock were constant visitors as I arrived.

and the flutters were still fluttering as I walked back..

Wonderful to see and so good to be out in the fresh air again.. it was really warm today despite the cloud!  Hard to believe it's late September.

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