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Monday, 11 September 2017

Sovereign Harbour

I was down in Eastbourne today...

One minute it was chucking it down with rain... the next brilliant sunshine; the one constant was the very strong wind!!

The footbridge was being lowered..

We walked around the harbour.. this is a row of fishing boats some of which were unloading.. (see later pics)  This boat was registered in Dartmouth.. where I've just come back from

"Jungle Lion on Patrol"

This could be tropical island!!

Just where the harbour joins the sea, the RNLI boat was moored.. it's ropes offering a perch to quite a few Cormorants.... no sign of the seals today

Wandering back, and a sun bathing Cormorant

This is the Royal Sovereign unloading baskets of fish, we saw quite a few crabs..

And then back to our fave cafe in the harbour.. where we had fresh Sussex crab artisan rolls with salad... oh so yummy!!

Great day out... thank you K for your company as ever ..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Cormorants are amazing birds, incredibly prehistoric, adept fishermen. Love them. Anglers think they should be killed

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