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Monday, 4 September 2017

Overbecks and Dartmouth Castle

Well despite sunny intervals being promised, they didn't appear ...
I headed off for Overbecks.... you drive down from the hills through very very narrow roads and hairpin bends.. my reversing skills are quite honed as a result.

The views were wonderful.. would have been helped by blue skies and sea but hey ho...
Overbechs is a quirky garden built on a hillside and subtropical... amazing plants grow which confirm the mild climate!

I decided I wasn't that hungry as as the scones looked a little uniform in shape.. (perhaps not freshly baked by the NT) I decided to eat at my next stop  which was

Dartmouth Castle.. which has, for over 600 years guarded the entrance to the River Dart estuary...  It's a beautiful spot and sunshine would have helped

WOW sun and blue sky.. I sat and had a drink and a piece of cake for lunch and the sun was hot!!

and then a wander around the very small part of what is left ..

the views down to the bay below were rather dramatic..

Looking down on St Petrox church

There is a ferry that runs across the Dart from the Castle to Dartford.. and although I didn't want to go there today I decided that getting the ferry would be a good way of see the river.. it was!!

A mermaid!!

and finally back to the Castle..

another pleasant day out.. but could I have SOME sun please..

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