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Monday, 9 July 2018

Acorn Bank, Brougham Castle, Aila Force and a lake on 8 July 2018

My blog a day late and we had a long day out yesterday and didn't get the opportunity to  process pictures and write my blog!!

We set off to visit Acorn Bank (I'd first visited there in July 2016) this morning with no real plans after that.  It was a cloudy day but still very hot...

We arrived at Acorn Bank and headed off through the woods to visit the Mill.

The mill has been recently restored, but due to lack of rain the mill wheel is not running.. never known the Lake District so dry... no rain for a while now

and then up to the house and into the gardens..

We'd been passing signs to Brougham Castle , set on the banks of the River Easmont, on our journey to Acorn Bank, so decided to visit.  It was founded in the early 13th century and no only the Keep mainly exists.

we were being watched..

and you can climb 70 stairs up to the top of the keep for some impressive views.

Brougham Hall is about 1 mile away so we paid a visit.  In 1985 rescue of the building, from dereliction started by the Brougham Hall Trust.  Currently there's a few craft shops and small business there.

A rather impressive door knocker !!

there was also a cafe.. so we indulged in a cream for lunch

Where to now?  We fancied a wander to headed off to Ullswater and the lake.  It was still hot but down by the lakeside, there was a bit of a welcome breeze.

We started our scenic drive back to the hotel, and passed Aira Force waterfalls, a National Trust site.
So we stopped and walked up the very steep hillside for about 1/2 mile to the first waterfall.
Seen from a distance, and hardly any water.. this fall normally has water gushing down!!

and we climbed over the high hills on a very picturesque drive back


A great but busy first day out.  Got back to the hotel late afternoon in time for a shower then dinner!! Hence my blog being a day late!!

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