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Friday, 27 July 2018

West Dean Gardens - in the heat!

Not been anywhere much other than domestic stuff over the last few days .. and the heat has also been a deterrent.  But today I went over to West Dean Gardens.. if you stay in the gardens it's flat and has many trees with lots of lovely shade... Was a good visit

This Ewe had found something to eat in the stream!

The sheep fields look a bit dried out.. but the sheep were finding something to eat!

And today, Parsley (left) and Sage (right) took our new flock member, Acorn, out for her very first outing!

Where the gap is, there used to be a pane of decorated glass in the window.. wonder where it's gone

We got excited as we saw water from the window hoping for rain; it was the hose pip watering the garden!

Acorn came to us from the Lake District.. seems she likes climbing!

Ooops .. we have an escapee... this sheep had managed to get out of the sheep field into the garden; not an unusual occurrence it seems!

More mountaineering!
 A very pleasant wander despite the hea

And when at home, a heavy rain shower with thunder and lightening.. it didn't last for long though :(

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Lovely sheep, both real and not so!

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