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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Is it Spring - continued

My post today is a continuation of my visit to Hampton Court on Monday
(see yesterday's post below).

Having turned around 180 degrees and leaving the riverside, I now entered the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. One of the advantages of being there on a Monday at this time of the year, is that there were very few people around.

I'll leave you to continue the walk....
Of course, every outing at the moment has to have a posing Robin :D


and Snowdrops all around

High up on one of the roofs

Left-hand side of the front of the Palace

This is just by the Tiltyard Cafe

and in the Wilderness area

In a few weeks, the wilderness area will be carpeted with daffodils

And around in the "back garden/yard" of the Palace

Now around the Privy Garden (very formal!)

A Beech "tunnel"


Cheryl said...

I had forgotten how beautiful Hampton Court is. I love the snowdrops, they never cease to raise my spirits.
Your photographs are a credit to you, you and the camera are a good team.......

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

I agree with everything Cheryl has said, Especially the great photograph of the snowdrop!! Also agree about the quietness on Mondays, it was lovely in Bushy Park unlike the the other Sunday when we met you there and it was very busy.Jackie.

Tricia said...

Cheryl and Jackie - thank you ladies!

Cheryl - To me snowdrops are the heralds of spring - can't wait for it to arrive!

Jackie - yes, fewer people makes for much better walking and viewing!

Anonymous said...

and quieter!!

All being well I am going to do the NT heathy walk next Thursday 5th at Claremont, are you interested or have you seen enough of Claremont and are you healthy enough?? Jackie.

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