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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sorrento Day 2; (5 Oct).. A very relaxed day

Well...... the lack of sleep on Monday I really made up for today.  Never slept so long but woke feling really refreshed.  The weather forecast for Monday wasn't brilliant and we wanted to visit a couple of places which were more weather dependant.  So took a brolly and no waterproof.... it was wonderfully warm!!

So we decided to explore Sorrento itself much further... especially the far side of the town at the Marine Grande ..

This is the entrance to what is now the 'working mens club'....

The Duomo tower

We went into the Duomo..... the inside of which was very beautiful...

Then off on our wanders..

and there below, is the Grande Marina..... This area had been recommended to us by an Italian friend who we originally met on Facebook, and then in the flesh on a previous Italian trip.

This is a really picturesque, but very much working, fishing harbour

Part of the walk down.... along some steps and through a short tunnel ..

We had a coffee here. at the Porta Marina Seafood cafe, on arrival..

A travelling £1 shop perhaps?

and later in the morning we returned (to the Porta Marina Seaford cafe) for a very good lunch.  The cafe is operated by the fishing family and as we sat, we watched as some fish were brought in and were prepared for cooking - can't get much fresher fish than that.

It was warm, the food was good, the wine pleasant, the view lovely .... so much more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of the town......

Pasta and clams..... yum!!

and then walking back upto the Town....

Some rather large bottles of wine... Mr Ponders was trying to decide which one he wanted to buy...

There were two weddings taking place in the town.. and as we got back we passed one of the briddal cars!!

One of the happy couples....

and yet more Wall Lizards

and a Hummingbird Hawk Moth

loved this Fiat 500 - has real character ... I used to have one many moons ago.... served me well..

A lovely day.... really relaxing.....

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