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Sunday, 18 October 2015

WWT Arundel and then onto NT Nyman House & Gardens

Wasn't sure where to go today.  Forecast was for cloud.

I headed off the WWT Arundel... one of the roads was closed .. heavy traffic.

Arundel was quiet.. bit early for incoming Autumn birds yet.. but did see two Water Rail... nice! (too far away for pics and they were hiding)

A few collection birds.... Male Eiders

Chiloe Wigeon

A Blue Tit.. very dark around the feeders... saw Nuthatch and Coal Tit... no pics.

and off I went.. lovely Autumn colour along the road leading back into Arundel ..

Lunchtime... where to?  Decided to have a wander at Nymans for a scone and Autumn colour

The scone was a good fruity one..

of which Mr Ponders approved!!

and loads of Autumn colour - and the sun decided to come out!

Mr Ponders thought it rather nice to be out amongst the trees

Whilst the sun still shone... the black clouds were gathering!!

Noticeably more robins around now... lovely to hear and see... even if they kept hiding.

A Magnolia...

and the clouds were getting blacker by the minute

Time to go home.... and it stayed dry on the way back - but did it rain at Nyman's ?...  I don't know ..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I've never seen an eider duck, was hoping to see one on the sea in Scotland but no joy! Perhaps Mr Ponders knows where they are.

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