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Friday, 11 November 2016

Sheffield Park again.... remaining colour!

I knew tomorrow wasn't going to be good weather wise and wasn't till I looked at the forecast later in the day, that I realised how erm erm erm damp... it's going to be.. just hope the forecast is wrong.

I knew I had to get out somewhere today 11-11-2016 so decided as the sun was shining I'd go back to Sheffield Park again so see what Autumn colour was still left... well... plenty of colour left.

I'd got there not long after the garden opened and had no difficulty parking... but by the time I left folks were searching for parking places.

At 11.00 the bells started to chime and somewhere there was gun fire.. presumably from an Armistice Day ceremony somewhere not to far away.  I stood and admired the view for 2 minutes  whilst remembering.....

Lots of Canada Geese out on the ponds..

and the usual dozens of Mallards :D .

Many black-headed gulls around too

Mr Ponders and Fido like sitting here....

steep half climb / half flutter to get up the steep bank...

Another view to admire..

I was getting peckish so decided to go to the cafe for a scone.... the queue was exceedingly long.. and, as after 5 minutes it hadn't moved, I decided I'd get something on the way home later... a bulk standard sandwich from my local supermarket.. not quite the same....

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