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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Rough seas and unexpected birding..

Had some shopping I needed to do down on the coast today.  That done I walked down to the pier.

Twas high tide and the waves were breaking hard.... the wind was whipping the sea..

That done I had a quick bite to eat, the decided to drive to Goring Gap... given there are often birds on the field at high tide as this time of the year.. and there were - in plenty.

Dozens of Sanderlings, probably 2 -3 dozen Ringed Plovers..

About 7 Turnstone

A selection of gulls (I'm not that good on gulls) but  fellow birder identified one out in the field as a Great Black Backed Gull... nice one..

And a surprise of a Meadow Pipit hidden amongst the other birds... I could hardly see it with the naked eye given it blended so well into the field, so a record shot only.. the camera's focusing was struggling!

On the shingle Turnstone's dozed..

or walked at the water's edge..

or flew over..

Back in the field, the Plovers were dozing by now..

Nice birds for an impulse bit of birding... some sunshine would have helped :)

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Great shots, so odd to see those birds on arable land!

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