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Monday, 20 May 2013

A Return to Assisi on Friday

The forecast was for rain and thunderstorms.  Undeterred we decided to go on  a return trip to Assisi which we'd postponed from earlier in the week as a result of forecast bad weather.  It seems that all the days turned out much better weather wise than the forecast suggested.

We took the bus into Assisi and got off at an earlier stop than on our previous visit so came into the town from a different direction.  Given that it was a Friday, the town wasn't that busy.

It was raining as we got there so we visited a nearby church.
St. Peters Church

By now it had stopped raining - thankfully

Seen on a house wall

I don't know the significance of these but they were rather attractive

Santa Maria Maggiore

Chiesa Nuova

We'd eaten a lunch-time so decided to buy something to take back with us later.  This 'deli' claimed to provide 'slow food' and delicious it was too!!

Chiesa di Santa Maria sopra Minerva - a Roman church
(Originally known as the Temple of Minerva)

We went back to the restaurant we had visited on our previous visit - it was hidden away down a steep narrow street - great service and excellent food.  Bruscetta followed by a chicken dish - rather a large meal!!

We had a leisurely wander around the town until it was time to get back to the station...

 James Mason and friend

There was something going on to do with Ferrari (very sporty )... several police about directing traffic which made getting back to the station a little of a long journey

and after a great return visit.... back to the hotel.. and tomorrow - the day should dawn better :)


oldcrow61 said...

What can I say, it's all too wonderful. Seems like the both of you had a grand time of it.

Tricia Ryder said...

Very memorable holiday OC....

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